Saturday, November 24, 2007

Enthusiasm (II)

Let poets be poets artists artists
academics academics

what you say you want to be
the person you want

to be there is a shortage
of coal in Vertov's world

but five year plans must go on
there are shotages and

then there are shortages the
empty boxes strewn around

that yard would appear to any
one else potentialities but

the things we write to each other
are beyond wishing

or hope Pushkin writes no
thing has led to so much hopelessness

as the fact there once was hope
in Vertov's *Enthusiasm*

they are taking the steeples down
cleaning out the churches

smoke stacks in the background once
signs of progress seem

sinister I like the way
the soundtrack changes

from shot to shot like
we could finally see with our ears

your problem you say
is with "the image"

and I have given up
on being anything.

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