Monday, October 15, 2007

I Keep Imagining Your Sadness in Quotes

I don't know about you
But I would really like
For you to dispute the thought

Balloon that looms just like
A picture of ocean waves above
My head and wants to say

Everything to you in scare quotes
Like you've heard every-
thing I was going to say before

Or the authorship of my words
Was somehow doubtful or clearly
Attributable to someone other

Than myself I wish you would
Burst my bubble and discretely
Sing the song I couldn't

Sing myself because everything
I do feels false without you even
The simplest things like breathing

Or making a pot of coffee they
Seem substanceless even though
You told me on the phone tonight

No one can make me happy but
Myself that you had given every-
thing up for "art" your other lover

Your friends your city and me
And if you couldn't be sad you'd
Just assume not feel anything at all.

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