Saturday, July 07, 2007

Die Back

~ after Rebecca Solnit,
composed on Cape Cod, July 2007

Die back to what you weren't
But always were "wetback"
An architect of green space
If cement was flexible the social

Density of forgetting was
All we were the bodies inter-
Action convulsively came
Back to life jumped that fence--

Leaving you leaving me
For this grace in horizons notes
World becomes the eyes
All dunes commence

Miss all targets like a tern
Falling to rock rests here--
Not no one is them not the
Dead the invisible water

Tables what lies deeper
Beneath or their instruments
History's us and not us--
Consequence cuts like "a line

of synchronicity" size and
Quality quality and size
Consequence cuts us but
The synchronous sing not

Of synchronicity only or
Fundament all of a sudden--
No one is them and this is
Feedback a percept tucks

Folds what other sound we
Were filled with holes with
Other arrows signs take-in
This air which made a difference

The discontinuous flight
Of all eyes unjoined--
Of bodies or a whirl of green
The sight cleaved what

Heart once my body under
Yours the flow of which
Throws me grows to a price
Too great or pitch to place

Each last sense none hero
To the other thus sunburns
Address responsibility--
Shorelines process the bodies.

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Anonymous said...

This "poem" makes no sense, there is no "rhyme" or my opinion you should try another form of expression.