Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Formal Feeling

~ for Jocelyn Saidenberg & David Brazil

A Formal Feeling

I had to have it all when you were here
As a mind had it the sight sifted to air
Resembling something resolved by pain

Some object relation or other the fingers
In the mouth face just a swish mark of which night pans
Templates for a wound in medias res

You ground me in what we could not be
You place the letter of the unconscious in a box
I can’t see shook it up the delivery being false.



Call off your men
The dog park is closed
You write “Faggot” and “Jew”
Where nothing was permitted

Because everything *is*
Legions rose up
By some power of image
To solarize their "lack of lack".


Nail House

It was a house in a ditch
Like our sex third fourth fifth
It treated the air
Around it like it was privileged dirt
This was called history
But nothing will be saved

This was called Sylvan
Animal unfree open terrible
The promises our weapons
Don’t fail to keep
The living didn’t live for want
Of consequence the dead
Could not die
We must teach them.

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