Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Spirit of the Beehive (II)

At this mirror stage
Blowing on bees
The terrifying l'enfant
Terrible of more precious

Memories to kill a cat
To be born or bled
For resistance is a matter
Of perception whether

Or not we see ourselves
For the imaginary
Relations being born
Of this Hollywood

Monster seen in a mirror
Or the lips reflected
By blood there is want
To work from this trauma

Through travesties of bees
What the image proves
Us to be when we
Are not ourselves

For love is like an image
Before images had names
Or spirits their place
In abandoned houses

Of experience the screen
Throws up its light
Through fog the honey-
Combed lattice ripples

In the child's eyes
Where she was ever thrown
A nation for itself
Is dethroned

Sovereign divorced
From mutual powers
But drones must still
Live the fire froze

Into stiller images of them
Leaping not able
To catch up with
Whatever they'll be

Seized by their
Involuntary society lost
Where innocents
Were caught.

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