Friday, April 27, 2007

César Vallejo (Remix)*

His desire for desire ever
To help the killer kill a
Whole wailing cathedral on
The edge of no desire

In the presence of a mile
Thick spirit dealing with
A helmet/skull/shard/scalp
If I had used the word
Stench revealing all of his
Choices in English with
-out being able to dodge

Any one the never we fail
To penetrate by a self I have
Created to mime life not only
As it is but psyche as it is not
Forgive us Lord how little
We have died if you're missing
Something here it is an even

Better Jesus from a great yolk
Man suffers you God is he
That I am alive that I am bad
With what ability does one stay
Dead they always died of life

And yet I arrive I reach myself
An exuberant political will to
Desire to mend the children and
The genuses the celebrated edge
Of violence that you were living
On nothing and dying from everything.

*all text transcribed and ordered after The Poetry Project's tribute to César Vallejo, trans. Clayton Eshelman.

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