Friday, March 30, 2007

No Not Nothings

~ after Brenda Iijima's "Rock Facings Many Days"

We are these mirrors to the world fissured birds make us move
Where in sympathetic brain tracts action thought-paths are for firing
Neurons friendlier spring stuttered under the gun again wake
The animal like it should act instead of eyes adjusted to save the Law
From laws justice from our jurisdiction so make caesuras here
Extract plans from I for you inspire spine heart our vertical relation
Conceals movement in motion weeds rapture to no not nothings
Sing of these beams too weeds strewn for virtual v's other wing
Formations substituted as ever the other is with us shuddering.

1 comment:

Tim Peterson said...

I love this photo. I used to have it on the wall at my office at MIT Press.