Wednesday, March 28, 2007

If these tears are us. . .

~ for Daniel Berrigan & Douglas A. Martin

"... and drew my eyes a space
that had seen God, back to His human face?"
~ from Daniel Berrigan's "Lazarus"

"... Description is
Composed of a sight indifferent to the eye."
~ from Wallace Stevens' "Description Without Place"

If these tears are us no longer
Seeing before or after any "God"
So-called the socius ONE otherwise
Might witness that blood bath this
Distance from "us" the undead thus

Occlude no place can't imagine its
Description like a pen before
A draft whose skies should disappear
For movement to occur "for future
Generations" be of our beginning

In ink beyond what sounds string
Between whose souls strummed
To their adjacencies which can't
Hear none sung --that portal tracing
What blood back around the air.

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