Friday, March 30, 2007

Giving Back

~ after Théo Angelopoulos

And all that whiteness sheets
We elapse for frames or windows
Open where eyes were not

Encamped burnt to their own
Refuge or flames in wandering

Fly as we like flags to this end

Less nuptial travel is as flame
Afterall to this theme fugal

Keep light occuring one was
Equally to dance not keeping
Time like history so overcast


While upon what white
Music leads you back
Blank upon a sea or that

River nearly between
Revolutions refuge lead
You back from the back

Or so close where you were
Called by name nearly
The same insofar as we are

These notes but always an-
Other stream leads us
Back to the flood which shame

Of all to write the disuniting
Under another phrase
Of darkness their bodies

Pursue as if after the gaze
Of fathers more was lost
Than a future music.


I also want them flung...

The blank flags of those
People shoreless the sky
Without expression or
Face those white sheets like
Flags suddenly for them-
Selves the any-place-what-
Ever before each wave is
Named by number.

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