Monday, February 19, 2007

Shop Floor ("Non-Site" Collective)

~ for Taylor Brady, Michael Cross, Judith Goldman, Rob Halpern, Joel Kuszai, Bill Marsh & Yedda Morrison

Because we are always working
& because we must unwork
The world because there is blood
Actual blood on the shop floor

Blood of Wildcats other bombers
Of fame in the flames of our
Future wrecks we shoot into this night
Of labor which sites

Of disaster production all consuming
Because we are sited & short-cited
And over-sighting because we believe
In an actual world this world of hands

& voice will be believe-able
We will hold and be held grasped as it were
To that finer edge of removal
Your dispatches finally from the floor

Because you are always working and we
Are always working I want to dig
Print feel something again
Our making of thinking's edges (*poesis* so called)

Boundaries and borders of a material removed
The necessary abstractions "with" and "to"
Prepositions for lapidary scrap cut to this idea
Of longing Remnant succeed a *Das Ding*

A dent in becoming the net & the mesh
The un-mending Pullman glass the Glass Wall's reflection
Limits nothing in the nexus put our hands
To this sense but let's speak mediately

Square the problem make the set "us"
In a subtracted dawn site the case for something
Came back from the dead resurrected *in* life
Sequent to event named where site is.

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