Saturday, February 17, 2007

Perfumed Nightmare

~ for Paolo Javier

Call this a non-site
Mental images to scale
History your ways
Are not always ours
What does a wind matter
What the Gods of distant surplus
Upping the ante frame
By frame?

Interlocuted to this same
Voice same Being which *is* a pictured
Wind the "imaged sea" (Crane)
Symbols to scale allegory
Wreck thought to save thinking
With a capital "-Ing" what is
The capital of gumball production?
Why is whitey going
To the moon again, yo?

Thinking with a capital "-Ing"
The gerund of your prayers
-Here- & -Here- & -Here-
& -Here- wherever your
Camera goes in this actual
World of bridges what the Gods
Of surplus can't cross
Both too small and too big
For their sensible threshholds

In the final shots of your film
You remind me this world is
A bardo for that "other" (that other
Which is also for *this*) the actors
In masks like Gods among men
Impersonating a thousand devils
Of a wind already blown

From paradise your own (it must
First be singular) an Iran of praxis
A Fillipines of overcoming...
These voices over-dubbed in your head
Circle mental images to scale
The literal fact no allegory
Rides above your arduous path.

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