Sunday, February 04, 2007

For Leslie Scalapino (Non-Site)

But we must take care: this vision is given not to the eyesight (it does not even reside in the material "data" of the past) but to the vision of the heart: what the heart sees is pure Light...
~ Henry Corbin if a diremption had begun but had not made itself complete.
~ William James

Preposition now/& bombs again/Unsteadied/
The site before before began/The site/Before
the eyelids sight/Was lost/ Now was then the
dead/On our eyes//An afterimage/Thought

was when/Intestines floated/Stray organs in
actual eyes/Astral/Simple vantage of this body
here/In it not simply interior/Insider outsider

outside inside says/What it sees to again/Where
we're gone is not lidded seer/Click on on off
off thought fluttering//Shudders to think this is
not/Simple division/Mind the simple/Imponder-

ables and moving move/Or march no simple
others feet/Soldiers totalled in the forgone/
Eyes nights forthcoming//Night says the news
page oil that actual night/Say this no simple im-

ponderable real/Fray far away near a way in/
To gods reportable contact men//Inside this
real cage the mind came and went/Inclement

when "we" is not virtuous/Say no border coevals
/Separate division from division/Insider exit
strategy//From/To these disasters/Cross hybrid
double crosser gnomic/Stray crops syncopate/

Global "ghoulish propriety" fee/Foolish wizardry's
wisened progency/Legendary//Buildings develop
everywhere/But here in my eyes oil says/No sim-
ply delayed/Angel demonstrate a way in situ/

People no heaven but also here/Is there in second
reflection/Spoons bend minds then//Nihilists a-
foot wlll chop/Off "our" heads suture doom to

truth & capital/Oil the way we/Roll Rome not bar-
baric/Enough/For the autonomous/we were/
Never here so/Let's trade these con-/Ditions/For
a body monadic diction/If only to be the Real

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