Friday, January 05, 2007

Thanks to the Scanning Bed

Thanks to Jane Lea & Brandon Stosuy I just got a scanning bed...

a New Year's card

from Cory Arcangel's Migros Museum monograph (2005)

a flyer for my fleeting improv group with Dave Nuss (No Neck Blues Band), Sheila Donovan (Tallboys, Amolvacy), and others

Eva Hesse's suicide in reverse?

three Polaroids of places I've lived

A Kabbalistic sticker by my friend Josh

a favorite (self-)portrait by Maya Deren, from Anthology Film Archives' The Legend of Maya Deren Vol. One Part II: Chambers (1942-1947)

me and my friend Marian, Fall 2005

a favorite "schablone" photo from Caroline Koebel & Kyle Schlesinger, Fall 2004. Check their Schablone book (2005) w/ Chax press...

some notes inside my copy of John Taggart's Loop

a Borscht recipe from a postcard I found at a Ukranian shop in the E. Village

Catherine Sullivan's Metro Pictures show, "The Chittendens," may have been the most interesting art showing in NYC (Thomas Hirschorn's "Superficial Engagement" and Guy Ben Ner's "Berkeley's Island" aside) I saw in 2006

1 comment:

Ross said...

hello friend.
i enjoy these photographs

especially the aging videogames..
do you know

william basinski - melancholia i think it's called... or the..something loops..

well look up william basinski. he did this thing where he recorded a tape where the magnetic bits were crumbling off, the tape became more and more faded, the resulting recording trailing off into oblivion.

i don't listen to it anymore, it makes me too sad.