Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Man Without Hands cont'd

Without hands
But a mold
Still wet
From where
It fell

From a discontent
About description
About movement
A place ideas

Can continue
To move
Not for long blank
Nor for long similar
To themselves

This is the frame in an egg or a shell like a shack you forgot in the uncartooned desert

This is the bulk of dark the delving into it as it separates an optics from a prism of control

An ascendence a whereabouts an operation overlooking this operation

The model exits the picture and enters and exists this is a grasping of that model's animation

But eyes failed
To touch eyes
In the space remaining
Before eyes
Or after knowing was for

The reflection of flecks
The wings seeming
To touch
The symbolic haste

Of these wings
The uncasing of stars
An animation
Sings of pinpricks
Starts and stops

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