Sunday, October 15, 2006

Our Number of Wolves (The Fate of Number)

Our number of wolves
Say slay aloud the sun
Schism wait for grace
To arrive sound forms

Shine shine shine
Shone shone shone
Estray driven estray
Tones obey warp

Protect descent from dark
You want I want we want
Resonance seek tragic feet
Two gongs reap sheet metal
From the mind's place

Two notes two tones sweetly
We walked until the waves
Were sisterly out of a great
Darkness steps cocooned
Honey veiled heard myrrh

Gowns do flow sovereign
Red love less sighted
Than what actually sounds
Number lives in the head
Breath rings wreaths around

What petals steps desire words forge words
From cedar towers honey sips the bee
Hymen followed by attendants
Who'll measure her breath for breath
If anything were first tones would be fate

This simple number no fate destroys
The heart's breath two children lay
Down in the heart of white white face
Of hovering night life's a spherical
Music singing its single note to phase

If anything were first this would be first
To descend from the one from the one one intones
Two tones one note the simple petals adorn time
Singing life not only about it
Say we are word and meaning united
You are thought and I am sound.

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