Friday, October 20, 2006


The word defined “to see around” design
a premise control
people with few people
the ubiquity in all
self control containment isn’t this a technology it is
Easy Pass porn cookies GPS PS
what is moral
what is a moral compass

split sovereign my enemy my self my friend
space (vanishing
points) space (chaos) coercion (dungeon)
consent (imaginary)
“A real subjection is born from a ficticious relation”
interlocucter egged on
thinking in the dark thicket Prefect can’t see rivalry

continue to pass the ball paradigm unalarmed
hypnosis what is power power is given
by stupid smart knowledge
advantage of relation
a crit
can you think ways this image can be given to a politics what are some
images the revelation
of one’s making strikes art dumb

auratic character an atmosphere
art is an abstract cave viewed negatively in the distance
magic lends itself
to analysis positive because it expands sacred uniqueness
innovation a mixed
sense of loyalty in magic
out of books intimacy loss of intimacy

you can never cross the same reproduction twice
the politics
of chant every image
surrounded by print
Control Room craving blood reinforce exclusion
contexts clash Time Inc. Toyota || Iwo Jima
after the Towers fell
the media let half the call get thru.

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