Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Experimentable

That they may arrive they have heavy chunks slung
On their backs and spines with hooks they sing of
They sing of shadows but put everything back in place
Finally to not let be we exact stones since they won't

Since they won't speak earth to earth sky to teeth
They throw a holography throw light to cut-in
To cut-in to measure menace when the bones come
Flicker it follows this ring of ultimate when when

When when fells whole tribes to remember them
They discover where nothing dies so nothing could
So nothing could so nothing can it sees
Voice in the mortal face masks they already are

They already are since they already cry for themselves
And in crying share what wings diving ascend too
Ascend too to material bones light thrown to cut-in
Conceals a view of holography finally to not let be

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