Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Catastrophe (Falling)

The fall is what is most alive in the sensation, that through which the sensation is experienced as living. The intensive fall can thus coincide with a spatial descent, but also with a rise.
--Gilles Deleuze

Fact would
parse the fading light in all
eye beams pyramids
by which we see it
seeing us the soldiers anon

commanded in sense fed eye-to-hand
color cropped around the mouth
bent to some specification
of war what would parse

the world in fading actuals
the bodily coagulation to which an arrow
a cropping an absolute
fact the orange of appearance small of distortion back

that smile
without a face or how
words do words contoured to
words smell
how unpainterly yet eventful the spirit seeks

what it says
what it speaks to eat
it swallows what is heard paint
subsisting in accidents
resonance the world feels this again

the little smile break
the wrist in a small catastrophe rising by
degree they are evasions
of nowhere the flower
coupled with other forces

the witnesses to this the
colors begin by falling in place
reversed by chance wherever
the hand was was a chance
for escape

a wrestler a monkey a silvery basin
where the hand once put the eye
none will follow gravity
your freefalls glow
so green

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