Saturday, May 27, 2006

Eternity then / Inseperable (Tears Are These Veils)

The turbines of elephants
Other animals
Churn in the eyes of the face
The stars of those eyes

Stuttered cries and slatted
Sibilance strobes like labor churns
Pangs of shock
The face disturbed

In space like an angel's
Will not be disturbed until
This eternity of power and
Deformity should become

As stars superimposed
That face expresses
Nothing is lost there is not
Time enough for these tears.


It is a sound sort of like

And sort of like sobbing

Crying like machines
And animals crying out their eyes

For power alone convivial.


Like the voices
The general voices

Of night
The ritual

Impressions and

This night
Of the world

The cage

From the animal


From pools
Around the lenses

Blobs of blackened

And ceaseless.


Is this making any sense?

The turbines swell again
a relation to mind.

Cries assemble
and blend around the face

a fashion of grace.
The portrait distorted

for there is nothing
time can't do.


A relation

of visions to mind

is ear to this occasional

sticking to sound.

Will we lie down
in that field

peaceful once more

without sublation from which
we fall

to our senses recalling them

a dialogue of sorts
from which

the imagination builds

around a single
spire a cathedral supreme.

From which an amnesis

reproducible contacts

of stars pre-eternities

of tears.


Like rape, mutates
The dropped
Frames the face

Frame rates
Clench the ear, teeth
The image bears

Rearing, rending
Come to our senses

Turbines fill the mouth
With sound

Irreducible to
Descriptions, adequate

In the service and not
In the service
Of us.


The eyes, the eyes, the face
The face, grown inwardly,
Outward, for falling, our sympathy

Our sympathy for the for and our
Sympathy for the in, our sympathy
The sympathy of the in for the for

As real stars, real images
Of stars fall, falling from her
Face, the eyes, the eyes of

The face, the growing inwardly
Until there is a voice for this,
Until there are two voices each

Each other's mine, the one
For the one, the one and
One somehow making one.


Eternity is then
From what it can do.

Histories of eternity
Like labor churns
Affected stars.

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