Sunday, May 14, 2006

Abby Walton's "Cook Book" (Blurb)*

This little book, a book without a title and comprised “merely” of 30 digital reproductions of Polaroid photographs taken of table settings, embodies much of what I find beautiful and important about Abby Walton’s art: an art of true grace, of daily devotions and meditations, and of an insistent practice of what, for lack of better term, I must call an “art of living.” Insofar as each Polaroid is wrest from the context of a familiar dinner gathering or elaborate party, together they are a document of a total care for the daily and a reminder of the ever-kindled hearth. That a commons should be beautiful, attended, loved. And in this last sense especially, the Polaroids and the book containing them are essential. Not a fashion-shoot for food, but indicative of a life that may be worth living.

*The "Cook Book" can be purchased at Printed Matter, NYC:

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