Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A Work of Withdrawal

To Kyle Schlesinger

Defaced: to occult

I propose to write a longer text that I would subsequently "withdraw" from the world: thru burning or blotting out, through an erasure inverse of the text's creation; not merely a crossing out but a coming into the world in reverse...

The more I come to value this text as part of my "experience" the more I can only imagine will its destruction be valuable to myself spiritually and emotionally, if not non-experientially. Erasing "me" -- a document of me: or a document of spiritual "work."

How to record the appearance and disappearance of spirit -- "materially"?
How to undergo an occultation, a withdrawal for revelation?
These questions are primary, if not too preliminary...

To lose my face.
To save the face of the Other, of others.
To save by losing and lose by saving.
To face-up or off with this paradox of saving, of response-ability.
To deface (should we also re-face, o-face, ab-face, pre-face, sur-face etc.)?
How to (face) lift to come (face) down?
Coming face-to-face by turning away, by separation, apartness, *Kadosh* (holiness).

Burning in reverse, erasing in reverse, striking-out in reverse, despairing in reverse...

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