Monday, April 24, 2006

The Imagination of Hell ("into the fire of our future")

Body stratum spill

Guts spill wine mud pigs tits

Head will feed on hell

The acephalic the void

The fire will be fed

Endlessly on this blurred earth

Camera turning earth

Amuck alcoholic

Transcendence aether of the


Wings down not up

Descending to acsend

The endless body of sex

Thongs breasts skin

Drink the dogs in

For they are the friend

Of horror hell

Of men not on earth

But in heaven

Walking in hell

They will yet succeed us

And laugh the hearty

Breasts the drink

Of men the women who cry


Who chewing

Will be chewed by men

Bread transcendence

Make a face

At the camera

Of the camera turned

To the earth no more

Burned than hell

No more turned

The imagination no more

Drink dogs in

For they are gods

Plows in an errand.

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