Friday, March 17, 2006

Short Shadows*

1. Short Shadow

Under this equally
Sheltering image
We call each
An ageless debris
Under this equally
Disturbed blue
Of a clear window it is early
Light fills the
Shelter of this image

Branches and we also
Have shadows shelters
For time
For we can not see an idea
Of our entire home
For time what we can not
Its windows
An idea of cities
Too immense for this

We also have shadows
We are also
Immense caressing
This particular night of
Have you ever felt this if
You have ever
Felt this
The windows the
Thing in a dream
Is conspicuously invisible

A miracle of homelands
Shadows make their
To shelter the passing
Windows of projections
He also
Makes images
Of things which could only exist
As images immense and
Therefore locating

Uncapturable as
The memory is a thing and
Not a thing the
Mother of us all
Uncapturable as lips flee
All aspects in the dark
Of what we are

Or pretend is power
And not tenderness this
Feeling returns
Of the shadows of things
Crossing the sun
A cathedral in
Our dreams what won’t be
This place without
Makes for us
Other aspects of home

2. Address to Still

When is still still still?
After an advent of space
Nether of rust
Of erase

Procure a feel
For paint immensity strips
For a while in the light
Various stripes

Pushing at an edge of
When is eye eye?
Is eye still still?

We emerge in this immense waiting

3. That Shadow Portending
to Gregg Biglieri, Rob Halpern and Nick Lawrence

That shadow portending
Out of the corner of the mind
There are
Stakes in the something
That also is

Pointing to our bones while
We fidget
Them like money
Pointing to
These breaks in the eye
So distant to be here
And vastly
Unawakened by crude

Commons of this cleave
Penury smudging the sight
Fickle and fiery
Is every loss gained
O pointing, portending
Economy’s effusive brains

4. Over-looking

Epilepsy flees this memory pad
Capitulating to an appearance
Of cartoons

As they flit over the face this is first
This grace
A counterfeiting of false flames
Aflicker in the eyes

A virtual snowfall
As they fell flakes engendered eyes
They have visions that this mountain range
And its shades
Will all have reverted to dust already

Over-looking untenable graves

*Short Shadows was composed Spring '05.

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