Sunday, February 05, 2006

Devotion I & IV*

Devotion I.
Reich (brief intial)

Slow the birds showing pulse flocks

Locus of power but reversed

The name we share a dispersion
to what effect.

The name we share

Slow the birds showing pulse flocks

Owe or words shower else

Lower aria poll flows

Over-head, low how pulse shook

Owe less stock
Owe ease shock
Vase sh
We risk address
We re-stack
Tow to endow

Slowed hold hold hold flocks of
flocks of slowed hold hold
hold hold slow birds of flocks


Registration drive this most simple

the motor of the heart of the motor

Devotion IV.

Duration that began her life-work.

To presence what is happening each book.

The not so voluptuous silence and the blank voluptuous – both imaginary.

Make evident the shape of interest formal appearing when there is an active famine or whether.

Ethics is sometimes thinkable place sometimes written.

Duration. That began

composed Fall and Winter '02, and Fall '04.

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