Monday, January 30, 2006

For Richard Tuttle

"It is not in the premise that reality
Is a solid. It may be a shade that traverses
A dust, a force that traverses a shade."
-Wallace Stevens

As you say - no thing
should be thought
at first
not this first
line - the line
or words
but don’t you mean
first thought
best thought
or do you
that emotions extend
into thoughts with force

Like efforts

The efforts – of consciousness
as you say no thing – leads
thought back – to the way it was
not the second
line or thereafter –
what we call marks and
not lines – which could also mean
the signs
of language – that language
is now - and not was
or will be
don’t you think
lines thicken with thought
intensified by our shadowy
attendence –
our silence before them –
like causes unforced

Like effects

The effects of shadows as they cross
shadows or now – as you say
no thing – no single
or gesture – no
matter how immaterial -
matter hangs together
leads thought
back to its first
movement – not any
other here
and now as what we call
attending – not thoughts
per se
as thought grasps ideas –
intends instead
of extending – as attendance
makes a shade
for the ears and the sun sets over
our speculations
and crosses
the mind – signs that we
are taking place – the edge
of an edge
or a wire without
a frame -
the centers of the world
of perfect force and
the unforced

Consequently grace

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