Monday, November 21, 2005

The Survival of Images*

As yet
what you didn’t
remember before
comes back
the consequence of what
you didn’t
remember before
keeps coming
the way he
will be remembered
not yet beside
in perfect pulse
of consequence
what you couldn’t
to not die
and come back.


My consequence

of the light
(the clear light)

not breathing

and again - not yet stuck
to the walls again

in pieces of consequence

of this and that

moment to not forget
and to forget.


What you can’t
term time you call
the will

the immense
will to promise
things and write

a parent’s fate
in blood
what you can’t term time.

What you shouldn’t
term actual you must
imagine, caroling

in another spring-
of the image:

the blood you choose to enact
closing the tragic
circles of cruel performance,
of willingnesses
promising another
means of ascension.

Sprit dictates this: that we
be punctual in not having grasped
our death.

Liberation, then
of all time in
“hearing” time
spririt dictates
what we must term here:

The event of them taking the bus in
or us
taking the train out.

The accretion of bad moments.

The event of her speaking
without music

to imagine
to reveal

*for DP & EN-S

1 comment:

DP said...

i find this very beautiful. can the material body be infamous? maybe, but it cannot be perfectly infamous.