Monday, November 28, 2005


To repeat a light to
before before the stairs
stairs like a ladder
with dolls and twigs as if
a burden
a suffering of each
body like a burden
to be carried across

The locks of hair
from hell
a hell
of light (optical)
each body
image a burden
to carry child from
light boxes
situ of graven
situ of gravity

The gravity of a doll’s
hair to parry
the blows to pray
to parry
stairs of breath
books reference if we
are to carry
up the stairs in disjunct
rhythm of light
up the stairs dark
an expression of expressionless

Of hair of living tableux
still and rhythmic to bear
the light of light
projector exhaust
stop action of craven
light broken
light to bear

Shadow to bear
I am then this body
this despairing body to bear
up the stairs
of twigs where flashlight
won’t do us any harm
shadow not this moment shadow
light won’t do

us harm

Won’t do this moment
harm to parry
and sex it won’t
make a difference if it is him
or if it is us
it is us carrying
the empty sex of us up

The stairs in Being’s empty
Being's empty
of us up and
up these stairs by degree
to repeat a moment
to repeat
moment upon moment
of moment up the stairs
of light

A momentum
those stairs
of light if we repeat
this is not to reflect
the empty image
the images of stairs enough the split
we always carry
a feeling for split pictures
pitchers split
milk of the body
about us mounting spilt stairs

An enclosure
of light a slit
of light the falling aperture
of light
it is a burden
to carry twigs unto the whole

*after Patrick Bokanowski's *L'Ange*

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