Monday, February 10, 2020

Patreon update and listings

As always, I would like to thank my friends and colleagues for their monthly contributions at Patreon. Your support has helped to weather unemployment the past few months, as well as to provide an opportunity to try some things out and receive valuable feedback.

To the site I’ve added a few “tiers,” the first for General Subscription, the second for PDF releases of books and longer published and unpublished texts, the third for published books of which I still have copies. As it stands, the site consists of 113 posts in all!

A draft of my newest book of poems, Eastman, has been published in its entirety, and was recently posted as a single PDF. Left Melancholy Part 1 has also been published in its entirety, as well as most of Part 2. Additionally, I have published many texts previously only available in small magazines and journals and disparately online, select texts from Withdrawn: a Discourse (the correspondence project which accompanies my second book of poetry, Withdrawn), and an unpublished book of poems drafted between 2009-2018, Death Is My Gift. As soon as Left Melancholy Part 2 has been posted in its entirety, I will begin to post new work from the third part of the project, “My Students,” which considers the relationship between teaching, transference, and institutional critique. The full contents are listed below, for anyone who may be considering making a contribution.
Why I Teach Afro-Pessimism
I Hate Poetry
I Tried To Be a Socialist (on Asad Haider's Mistaken Identity)
Second Reflection, Second Innocence (on art after the debt crisis)
Why Poets Theater Now?
Goodnight (for Kevin Killian)
Stranger Things
Letter to Kevin Killian regarding "Goodnight"
Touch Him When (for Kevin Killian)
Maybe it’s just that I loved him (Kevin Killian tribute)
Leslie’s Tears (for Leslie Feinberg)
On [Jodi Melamed’s] Represent and Destroy
Arthur Russell Revised: Hold On To Your Dreams
Prologue to Left Melancholy Part I
Crying (from Left Melancholy Part I)
Ruins in Reverse (from Left Melancholy Part I)
“I miss people I haven’t even met yet” (from Left Melancholy Part I)
Place of Action (from Left Melancholy Part I)
Post-Face to Withdrawn: a Discourse
At whose expense are you held? (notes on Midsommar)
Her Research About Horses (from Left Melancholy Part I)
For a Poetics of Healing (from Left Melancholy Part I)
Prelude for Julius Eastman (from Eastman)
On the Occult
Comp 1 (from Eastman)
Shadow Commons (from Left Melancholy Part I)
On Renee Gladman’s Prose Architectures
440 (from Eastman)
Father, Don’t You See I’m Burning? (from Left Melancholy Part I)
Go Crazy
Macle (from Eastman)
Some Notes on Note-Taking (after Bhanu Kapil’s Ban en Banlieue)
Mumbaphilia (from Eastman)
Akademie ‘loss (from Left Melancholy Part I)
On Jibade-Khalil Huffman’s STANZA
Thruway (from Eastman)
On Eléna Rivera's Scaffolding
Trumpet (from Eastman)
Splitting (on Gordon Matta-Clark and ethical obligation)
Statement for Meatyard, My Neighbor
Wood in Time (from Eastman)
5 Questions for Contemporary Practice introductions (2010-2012)
Eight Songs for a Mad King (from Eastman)
Death Is My Gift (from Left Melancholy Part 1)
Into Bride // Army of Roses (a meditation on suicide after Maya Deren's Meshes of the Afternoon)
Statement for Eastman
If You’re So Smart Why Aren’t You Rich? (from Eastman)
“We are Abandoned” (from Left Melancholy Part 1)
Striving for Protection (for Jack Whitten)
Evil ****** (from Eastman)
The Refusal (from Left Melancholy Part 1)
What Wings Raised: Fragments For Paradisical Beauty
"I didn’t know how to approach you at first" (from Left Melancholy Part 3)
Stay On It (from Eastman)
My Students (from Left Melancholy Part 2)
After Julie Ault (from Death Is My Gift)
Dolmen Music (from Eastman)
The Refusal (In the Tradition) (from Left Melancholy Part 2)
After Marcus Rediker (from Left Melancholy Part 2)
Fugue No. 7 (from Eastman)
The Rabbit in the Moon (from Left Melancholy Part 2)
From “Other Suns” (On Anne Lesley Selcer's Sun Cycle)
A Different Way to Destroy (from Death Is My Gift)
Gay Guerrilla (from Eastman)
But Lose the Feeling (from Left Melancholy Part 2)
On Max Razdow's True Corpus
Femenine (from Eastman)
“The End of the world of course”: 5 Questions & 4 Prompts for De/worlding (from Left Melancholy Part 2)
Use Without Using
Creation (from Eastman)
Ante-Monuments (from Left Melancholy Part 2)
Letter to Adam Pendleton (from Withdrawn: a Discourse)
Zurich Concert (from Eastman)
Letter to Beka Economopoulos (from Withdrawn: A Discourse)
Stuffed Cat (from Left Melancholy Part 2)
Crazy ------ (from Eastman)
The Camp (from Left Melancholy Part 2)
Letter to Bhanu Kapil (from Withdrawn: a Discourse)
The Holy Presence of Joan of Arc (from Eastman)
Friendship (from Left Melancholy Part 2)
Letter to Bruce Andrews (from Withdrawn: a Discourse)
Note to “Eastman”
Slavery’s Exiles (from Left Melancholy Part 2)
Letter to CA Conrad (from Withdrawn: a Discourse)
Death Is My Gift I (from Death Is My Gift)
Eastman PDF (Unpublished book draft)
Christmas, 2014 (from Left Melancholy Part 2)
Letter to Chase Granoff (from Withdrawn: a Discourse)
This is not a poem for JA (from Left Melancholy Part 2)
Teaching New Narrative
Letter to Dana Ward (from Withdrawn: a Discourse)
Being Gone to be Here (from Left Melancholy part 2)
Letter to David Buuck (from Withdrawn: a Discourse)
Introduction to "For Opacity"
My Thoughts (from Death Is My Gift)
Ressentiment (from Left Melancholy Part 2, Ressentiment)
For Terry (from Death Is My Gift)
Letter to Dodie Bellamy (from Withdrawn: a Discourse)
Corpsefuckers (from Left Melancholy part 2)
Bruce Boone and the Gay Straights
Afterlives (from Left Melancholy part 2)
Letter to Jordan Scott (from Withdrawn: a Discourse)
from Headless (from Left Melancholy part 2)
Post-Sovereign (from Death Is My Gift)
Letter to Etel Adnan (from Withdrawn: a Discourse)
from Headless (from Left Melancholy part 2)
No Milk Today (from Death Is My Gift)
How I Did Not Write Certain of My Books (from Withdrawn: a Discourse)
from Headless (from Left Melancholy part 2)
Thek (from Death Is My Gift)
Letter to Fred Moten (from Withdrawn: a Discourse)