Friday, April 14, 2017

from “The End of the world of course”: 5 Questions & 4 Prompts for De/worlding (curatorial proposal)


For the proposed show and accompanying book in which your responses to the questionnaire will be collected, as well as the original questionnaires from 2009-2011, I would like you to respond to any or all of the following questions:

1. To what extent does the artist express a destructive character, a character that would lay waste to the existing world—whether nihilistically or constructively, which is to say, with or without a sense of what world might come to replace the former one?

2. Can art be a revolutionary force for the emergence of a new world, a world no longer structured by the systemic violence of capital, nor by the colonial and genocidal tendencies that undergird it historically and ontologically? If so, how?

3. To what extent must the artist also engage with violence, or become violent through their practice, to bring about the destruction of the current world and thus clear a space in which new structures, forms, and subjects can emerge? What are the possible uses you foresee or have observed for violence in your work?

4. Perhaps you see “art” as too limiting a category to describe what you do and how you wish to contribute to the transformation of the world/society. If this is the case, I wonder where you may locate the limits and threshold of your practice in relation to forms of practice that are revolutionary and/or world transforming?

5. Should the existing world be destroyed, what world would you like to take its place? What are the qualities of this new world and in what ways may art and the artist continue to function in it?

Your responses to these questions I hope will contribute to a work generated by any of the following prompts:

Produce a work on paper that represents…

1. a process of world destroying.

2. a desirable world to come.

3. a world that you would want that is already here, though unacknowledged or invisible.

4. the world immediately after the destruction you have imagined or intended for it.

Thom Donovan


Friday, April 07, 2017

SEGUE Series reading on April 15th

On April 15th I will be reading for SEGUE Series with Marissa Perel, curated by Cornelia Barber and Emmy Catedral.

For more details, check SEGUE's website here.