Thursday, August 02, 2018


The mimetic excess of the “skirt” in trap songs who started that and does it represent a car screeching to a halt?

As in, skeeeerrt

The “non-reduction of phonic substance” right now being a cough in the audience

While a garage band plays in the distance with the roadkill of frozen music

Notes aloft in the rafters damn these ears

I wanted to say Hallelujah in reverse

I wanted to squeal proleptically before there was any burning rubber or rubber necking  

I’ve done that drive too,
I’ve gotten thru

I’ve seen the countryside, the cows and countryside from a window, somewhere between Buffalo and the Bronx

I’ve seen the bodies, the wrecks piled up

I’ve contemplated the breakdown lane
And who’se gonna cut that grass,
And who’se gonna pick up that litter

For miles I’ve spaced out
Hypnotized myself
Drifted in and out
Only to realize I was swerving

“Skirt” “Skirt” “Skirt”


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